cosmedique quality certificate

With this certificate we certify the highest quality of our cosmetic series of face creams and cosmetics guaranteed 100% natural Korean ingredients.

This commitment affirms our brand's dedication to providing high-quality cosmetic products and ensuring the safety of our consumers.

By earning this certification from the South Korean Cosmetics Inspection Organization, we demonstrate our dedication to the industry and our efforts to maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality for our products.

quality certificate by bgakk

This certificate is issued to certify that the Korean cosmetics brand AGE CODE is characterized by the highest quality product line and excellent customer service.

The certificate confirms excellent professional knowledge in the field of anti-aging cosmetics, as well as the professionalism and competence demonstrated by the employees of AGE CODE cosmetics during the inspection period by BGAKK.

The association has found that the products offered by AGE CODE have guaranteed origins and excellent quality.

Individual Certificates

Each of our products comes with a certificate of quality and origin.

Suprême day cream

Suprême night cream

Intense aqua gel

Intense aqua mask

Physiolift eye cream

Physiolift eye mask

Physiolift serum

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