One of the most serious difficulties in the practice of cosmetic therapies, faced by both professionals and clients, is the mismatch between people's expectations and the actual outcome of therapy. The reasons for this problem are different and include unrealistic perceptions caused by improper advertising and lack of initial consultation. We at AGE CODE are working hard to minimize these misunderstandings. This is the reason for the mandatory consultations and computer diagnostics. In order to determine the right therapy according to the individual needs of each client, it is necessary to make a correct and accurate diagnosis of the skin. That is why we are proud to present the first one of the best and most modern solutions to these problems - the latest generation of API-100 ARAM HUVIS computer complex skin analysis system.

Standard methods work, but to be absolutely precise and accurate, we consult the most innovative high-tech inventions on the market. Such is the API-100 device for skin diagnostics.

  • API-100 performs accurate scientific diagnostics and gives a description of the real condition of the client's skin.
  • The analysis is automatic with the help of precise software.
  • Allows absolutely accurate reading of the diagnostic result from the analyzed photos and the graph of the results.

Our specialists will prepare an annual plan with recommended procedures, tailored to your budget and time.

As we believe that the care of the client does not end with the procedure, our contact continues over time through guidance, advice and support, tracking the result in order to maintain it in the long run.

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