A Korean laboratory located in the capital Seoul is developing professional care lines with various concepts through continuous research into healthy skin and beauty. In the production of their products they use natural and organic raw materials, as well as a variety of ideas.

Cosmetic products produced by the laboratory are leaders in the largest markets in the world. After gaining great popularity in Asia and the United States, Korean cosmetics are quickly making their way to Europe and in particular to the Bulgarian market, as one of the most popular brands is Age Code.

Учените от COSMEDIQUE  обичат да експериментират. Ето защо в състава на продуктите им може да намерим такива компоненти, които е малко вероятно да намерим другаде. Независимо дали говорим за суха,мазна, проблемна кожа, натуралните съставки на корейската козметика са доказан метод, който подпомага нейното регенериране.

For many years COSMEDIQUE has been a leader in the field of modern scientific technologies for the production of cosmetic products. They also use unique methods for extracting extracts, as well as the synthesis of molecular properties that allow to preserve valuable natural components.

Koreans value the secrets of youth and beauty. Millennial recipes combined with the latest developments provide a truly unique result.